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Bounce Back Quickly from Turkey Day Bloating

Bounce Back Quickly from Turkey Day Bloating

Inflammation Reducing Workout & Food Guide

If you ate a little too much on Turkey Day...

Here are 2 simple steps to bounce back from the bloat!

Look back at your family-filled epicurean adventure and remember the laughs and maybe the cries with fondness… and that’s it. DO NOT beat yourself up about what you ate and the amount, rate and speed at which it went down. Stress releases cortisol which triggers your body to hold onto MORE fat cells.

Today is a new day, and it’s within your power to make the smarter, more mindful choice. Sweat it out and put those extra calories to good use by burning them on a workout. Exercise reduces inflammation. This coupled with the below household foods will have you feeling fab and get you back on track!

The 5 Household Foods that Combat Excess Salt, Sugar, and Alcohol


Bananas, Potatoes, & Leafy Greens
They’re packed with potassium which blunts the effects of sodium. The more potassium we eat, the more sodium we pass out of the body. Potassium also helps relax blood vessel walls.

Hummus with Veggies  
They’re high in fiber which helps slow the absorption of simple sugars

Green Tea and Lemon
They’re both diuretics, which means they'll make you take more bathroom breaks. This forces your blood to pump through your kidneys faster, which may help increase the detox process

This awesome superfood is known to help reduce nausea, upset stomach, muscle pain, and soreness caused by excess alcohol intake.

You know you need it! Drink up and lots of it to help flush your system.

Inflammation Reducing, Calorie Scorching In Home Circuit


  • Jumping Jills or Jumping Jacks 100x
  • Push up walk outs 10x
  • Bicycle Abs 50x
  • Plank position on your forearms 45 seconds

Repeat this circuit adding a set of squats!

  • Jumping Jills or Jumping Jacks 100x
  • Squats 15x
  • Push up walk outs 10x
  • Bicycle Abs 50x
  • Plank position on your forearms 45 seconds

Repeat this circuit by adding a set of mountain climbers!

  • Jumping Jills or Jumping Jacks 100x
  • Squats 15x
  • Push up walk outs 10x
  • Bicycle 50x
  • Mountain Climbers 40x alternating
  • Plank position on your forearms 45 seconds

You don't even have to go to the gym to rock this workout. It requires no equipment and minimal space. Don’t rest between exercises, only between circuits and minimally. Enjoy crushing it!

Look your best for the countdown!
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DISCLAIMER: Brouk Moves recommends you always get permission first from your physician before starting any fitness program or nutrition regimen. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. Brouk Moves is not responsible for any application of the general information provided.


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