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1 Sure Way NOT to Fail at Your “Resolutions”

1 Sure Way NOT to Fail at Your “Resolutions”

It Isn't "Will Power"

It’s a new year. We can start fresh. We can look into the future with excitement and hope at all the ways we are going to improve our lives, our relationships, our selves. So, why do so many people make resolutions only to fail at keeping them?


  1. A resolution by definition is “a firm decision to do or not do something". That already causes me anxiety. It’s so harsh, so matter of fact.
  2. Most people’s resolutions include the elimination of something they deem “bad”. It’s almost impossible to give something up without replacing it with something else. If your resolution is to lose ten pounds and don’t have a game plan in place, except to decrease your calorie intake, you are bound to fail. Making a firm decision to go to the gym every day, is vague and will probably get you a few workouts, then back to sleep with the snooze button.

BOTTOMLINE: Will power never works.


You have to create a plan in order to create change.

Decide to keep a food journal. Recruit a friend to work out with so you are accountable. The one thing resolutions always do is end up creating a feeling of disappointment and failure. This year instead of making a resolution, try making a “day plan” of how you can be your best self, every single day. Show up everyday with a plan and if you don’t get to the gym, there’s always tomorrow.

Sample “No Will Power Needed” Weight Lose Plan

Sample "No Will Power" Needed Plan

  1. Consult with a nutritionist to learn how to enjoy your favorite foods and lose weight (yes it’s possible!)
  2. Experiment with variety of exercises/activities with the intention of finding new FUN ways to work up a sweat
  3. Try a new healthy new recipe or meal alternative regularly
  4. Schedule rest days just as well as you schedule active days
  5. Give and send gratitude to yourself and others regularly

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