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We’re grateful to receive these true stories of fitness transformation from our clients

“Brouk Moves put me in the best shape possible. I’m forever grateful."

Jamie L S., Award-Winning Actress, NYC


Working with Brouk Moves finally put me in a place mentally and physicaly that I always strived for. I felt ready for anything! We worked on everything from yoga to physical therapy, cardio, and weight training. Her wide range of expertise and abilities put me in the best shape possible. I’m forever grateful.
Jamie L S., Award-Winning Actress, NYC

Whether it's a group class with friends or one-on-one private yoga and training, Brouk Moves sends the most professional, prompt and qualified trainers. That they also happen to be attractive, smart and fun just adds to the experience. Quality all the way.
Vicki F., Interior Designer, NYC

I met Tricia after I had a knee replacement and was looking toward the other being done. Tricia and her team started working with me and now five years later, I still have the original knee. My physical well being has improved and I actually look forward to our sessions. Physically, I have been much improved and the people I have recommended to Brouk Moves, have all thanked me. Brouk Moves has a special touch and understand just how much to push.
Ed M. Art Dealer, NYC

I've been working with Tricia and the the Brouk Moves Team for only two years. Since I first began, I had no idea that I would be able to get back to running and taking the stairs with abandon. I had a hip replacement which limited my activities. Soon after starting with Brouk Moves, I was amazed at my progress. My body also changed dramatically. I lost weight and toned up, boosting my overall confidence. Tricia Brouk and Brouk Moves are a professional and caring group of expert trainers. This style of training has made a difference in my life in more ways than one.
Rosie O., Managing Director, NYC.

Working with Tricia and Brouk Moves was such a gift. After suffering a spinal cord injury at 15, I was in and out of patient rehabilitation and found my way to New York City. I wanted to rebuild my life and Tricia was a huge part of that. Tricia was the first trainer I worked with that was innovative, challenged me, and listened to what my goals were. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how the body works and moves. Tricia respected my independence and pushed me to achieve my best. I’m so thankful for the work I have done with Tricia.
Emma V., Teacher, TX

My trainer is always there on time, prepared with a training plan customized for me. The workout routine varies always keeping it interesting. I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every workout and I see the results in my physical definition.
Seth M., Financial Executive, NYC

Tricia Brouk and Brouk Moves is the best! They’ve been part of our lives for many years now, and we are so much better for it. Tricia is sensitive, encouraging, positive, imaginative and challenging in perfect proportion. Tricia’s team works with our whole family: parents, children, even grandparents, and we are grateful for their expertise and commitment to our health. Tricia tailors our work-outs to the individual needs of the body at hand, even as our needs fluctuate day-to-day, or year-to-year. Part nutritionist, part physical-therapist, part cheerleader, Brouk Moves is the complete exercise guru for any stressed-out, out-of-shape New Yorker. We cannot recommend her and her team highly enough.
Paul and Nicole H., Audition Coach and Human Resources Director, NYC

I have been working with Tricia Brouk and Brouk Moves Elite In Home Personal Training for over 20 years. I began working with Tricia and currently train with several members of her excellent team. Not only are each of her trainers equally as qualified, but they also all subscribe to the same philosophy of health and fitness. Tricia matches the trainer to the client, so the needs of the client are met perfectly. Brouk Moves has provided me with years of professional and enjoyable fitness expertise.
Marilyn H., Attorney at Law, NYC

Tricia Brouk and her Brouk Moves team have been my trainer and physical wellness guide for many years. When I stated working with her, I had such profound stiffness in my joints, she coined a term for it. I had been a runner and racer for too many years, and was left with the various aches and problems that come with the demanding activity. They’ve given me the flexibility to continue to ski and play tennis with much less impact, In fact, we think I might qualify for the cover of AARP Magazine as, “Super Granny!” Tricia is also really good company and very encouraging while she engages me in her good natured torture. (I only call it that, it’s actually exercise.)
Dolly Ellen F., Business Owner, NYC

I've been with Brouk Moves for two years and have worked with three different trainers on a twice a week basis but regularly and primarily with one particular trainer. My personal schedule is not consistent and varies from week-to-week so I needed a trainer who could provide flexibility and work with my schedule. I also wanted a trainer who would work with me one-on-one in my own apartment and Brouk Moves proved ideal.
I've enjoyed working with all of their trainers‎. They are all knowledgeable, professional and engaged yoga experts. Most importantly, they are all kind, thoughtful, and terrific at keeping me at a comfortable pace - first adapting to my needs as a senior citizen, looking to yoga for improving my strength, increasing my range of motion, and helping me with balance, all in a careful, well-designed, and tailored program, and then changing and adding to the poses and exercises as I progressed. I've achieved all of my goals, am delighted with Tricia's team and am pleased to recommend them highly.
Steve A., Retiree, NYC

Staying physically active is essential and yet sometimes just walking can be a challenge. I found myself in just that challenging situation when dealing with some neurological issues. It was my physical therapist who suggested that I contact Brouk Moves and that was some of the best advice I could have received. Tricia came to my home, conducted a thorough assessment of my physical strengths and abilities and then designed a personalized program to keep me mobile. She ordered the appropriate aids to be utilized in my exercise program. But more important than any aid, she connected me with one of the Brouk Moves trainers, Chris. Chris was my lifeline. She came to my home twice a week - when it was cold, when it was icy, when I couldn't get out. And we worked for an hour on some of the most fundamental exercises. With great kindness and vast knowledge of physiology, she helped strengthen my body and helped keep my spirits up. She knew when to push and encourage and when to accept the limitations of my body. Due to my medical condition, my abilities varied greatly from day to day and together we continually had to assess what I could accomplish in each session. After a very successful surgery, I am moving well on my own. I know that my work with Chris helped me prepare for my surgery, in both body and mind.
Bonnie L., Retiree, NYC

Having worked with several personal trainers, and observed many more, I feel lucky to have been able to work for the last 3 years with Tricia Brouk and her team of personal trainers. The training has not just strengthened my core muscles, but has done so in a way that the back pain that I brought to Tricia is no longer an issue. The careful training, with emphasis on getting exercises exactly right, has changed my posture, clearly for the better, as I now have back and stomach muscles that weren't present previously. And my physical endurance is also clearly improved, as the training sessions push my limits in a way that I can't do myself. What sets these sessions apart is the attention to the "personal" in personal training, so that Tricia who did my initial program design and now Pilar, who I work with, spend their time during the session watching carefully, which leads to their being able to adjust the exercises to the need.
Mark B., Sales Directer, NYC

Through all these years, Tricia has maintained an amazing sense of integrity, and professionalism, always concerned about the client's health and safety. After working with her personally for many years, we have now worked with a large number of her team- both for yoga and for general exercise. Without exception, over these twenty plus years, the teachers have been well trained by Tricia, and she has always asked for feedback about her different trainers. It is no wonder that Brouk Moves is a success. Tricia runs a terrific operation.
Kelly K., Interiror Designer, NYC

Over the years, Brouk Moves has provided upbeat, knowledgeable, attuned yoga instructors who have helped my body and spirit thrive. My experience with Brouk Moves has been highly rewarding.
Sally H., Retiree, NYC

We have been enjoying working with Brouk Moves’ trainers for over fifteen years. Tricia has always provided us with talented trainers who were totally competent but also wonderful nurturing people who we have grown very fond of. A Brouk Moves session is something that we look forward to because it is not only really helping us get stronger and better, but they are fun as well. Today I had a bone density scan and was told that my bones had improved, I credit my sessions with Brouk Moves for helping me achieve that goal.
John and Paulette P., Photographer, NYC

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