1 on 1 Yoga

Private yoga to deepen your practice, improve athlete flexibility, or heighten your bliss

Whether you’re stepping on the mat for the first time or your practice is your lifeline, working with a one-on-one private yoga instructor who will create space in your home or office is an incredible experience with countless benefits.

Praise for Brouk Moves Private Yoga

"Working with Brouk Moves finally put me in a place mentally and physically that I always strived for. We worked on everything from yoga to physical therapy, cardio, and weight training. I’m forever grateful."
Jamie L S., Award-Winning Actress, NYC

"We used yoga to improve my strength, range of motion, and balance, all in a careful well-designed, and tailored program. The poses and exercises changed as I progressed… and I've achieved all of my goals!”
Steve A., Retiree, NYC.

"Over the years, Brouk Moves has provided upbeat, knowledgeable, attuned yoga instructors who have helped my body and spirit thrive! My experience with Brouk Moves has been highly rewarding.”
Sally H., Retiree, NYC



Yoga for All Levels

After an in-depth consultation call with Founder and Fitness Expert Tricia Brouk, we connect you to the private yoga instructor who best fits your needs.

Beginners and beyond

Deepen practice, connect with poses and sequences specific to your needs, and nourish mind, body and soul.


Prevent Injury, increase flexibility and athletic abilities, rejuvenate overused muscles.


Deepen your relationship with yourself and your partner as you lengthen, lean, and tone muscles.
Check out more offerings for couples!


Kids and Teens

Have fun, gain body confidence and awareness, and release emotional tension.

Prenatal and Postnatal

Connect with baby, prepare of labor, help regain your body after birth, and more.


Prevent injury and falls, and strengthen your core, back, and spine.


How To Begin?

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