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3 Best Ways To Eat Holiday Treats and Keep Fitness Goals

3 Best Ways To Eat Holiday Treats and Keep Fitness Goals

Final Days Checklist

Something happens to us this time of year. We believe that eating mindlessly is acceptable from Thanksgiving through January 1. It’s the holidays. There are countless parties filled with pigs in a blanket, tables covered with trays of cheese, and sugary drinks flowing from every corner. Eating rich foods during this time can be seen as sharing moments with family and friends so even though you hear that little voice in your head say, “that’s been enough,” it can be hard to put that “final” slice/bite/spoonful down.


Good News: You Don’t Have To Say No To Treats!


Woohoo! The good news is we don’t have to say no, but that doesn’t mean we have permission to treat our bodies disrespectfully. This time of year doesn’t have to derail your health or hard work at maintaining your wellness. Here are three simple ways that will help you stay on track, while allowing you to enjoy your holidays.

3 Key Ways To Eat Holiday Treats and Stay on Track


  • Alternate club soda or water with each glass of wine.
  • If canape’s are being passed, only have one of each being offered. Just make the choice to enjoy it once and move on. This is not your dinner.
  • Add 20 minutes to your cardio workout. Period.

You can enjoy the holidays, share in the food and fun with friends,  and keep your goals this season!

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