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Natural Back Pain Relief & Knee Pain at Home Remedies

Natural Back Pain Relief & Knee Pain at Home Remedies

Relieve Pain with Natural At Home Remedies

When the summer months hit and you find that your return to the tennis court caused a little annoying back pain, or that extra long run on the beach caused your knees to feel cranky, these at home remedies are a sure-fire way to get you back in action in no-time.

Ice Therapy
Cold causes the narrowing or vasoconstriction of the small blood vessels supplying blood to the injured area which reduces the amount of fluid that leaks from damaged vessels into the injury and the amount of swelling. The at home remedy of cold application is most effective when it is used before there is actual swelling in order to prevent it.

When you have overworked a muscle like the quadriceps, it will sometimes pull on the knee, causing knee pain. Another awesome in home remedy to eliminate knee pain is by massaging the surrounding muscles in order to get them to loosen up, relieving the strain on the knee joint. The quadriceps and the iliotibial band, also known as the IT Band, can be manually massaged, or you can roll on a foam roller for relief.

The best at home remedy to relieve tightness and stiffness from overuse or anew activity, is to gently stretch into the sore muscle creating relief. Opening up the muscle with active stretching promotes faster recovery time.

Heat Therapy
A hot bath is another home remedy that can warm up and loosen aching muscles. Applying heat to the inflamed area will help sore and tightened muscles relax. In addition, heat promotes better blood flow and circulation to the area, which also eliminates any lactic acid waste buildup. Heat therapy is most useful for an aching back, but ice wins so if you want to start with heat, end with ice to prevent any swelling.

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