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Why Middle-Aged and Baby Boomer Women Matter Most

Why Middle-Aged and Baby Boomer Women Matter Most

We've Always Seen You and How We Continue to Serve You

We, at Brouk Moves, see you. We see your strength. We see your power. We see your beauty. You are Goddesses who keep your families, your businesses, and even the world going. At Brouk Moves, our baby-boomer women who are fabulous fifties, stunning sixties and superstar seventies are doing push-ups and squats and throwing a medicine ball with fire and precision.

In an article by Wendy Sweet, a study from the University of Michigan (Segar, Eccles, Peek & Richardson, 2007) which identified that mid-life women (age 40-60 years) were more interested in exercising for ‘health benefits and weight reduction’ goals rather than any sense of exercising because it made them ‘feel good’ or for stress release or due to any influence from government health promotion campaigns. With over 250 mid-life women taking part in the study, the findings confirmed that these mid-life baby boomers had, over many years, internalized cultural, gender and media norms on the ‘ideal’ weight and, despite not feeling entirely positive about the exercise experience, felt that they needed to exercise for appearance and body shape motives rather than for any other reason. In the same study, exercising for ‘competitive purposes’ or for ‘fun’ were the least important reasons for being physically active. So, while it may be that many mid-life female baby boomers don’t particularly enjoy planned exercise, they participate because of the surrounding socio-cultural ideals relating to body shape.

At Brouk Moves, it’s no longer about how you look, it’s about how you feel. You are doing downward dog and plank with focus and mindfulness. You are training thoughtfully and ferociously so that your bodies and your minds are strong, sharp and ready to tackle all you do. We, at Brouk Moves, see you, and know how to help be seen.  

We want to help you counter this singular aesthetic focus and support your long-term physical activity so that as you head into older age (65+ years), you undertake physical activity because you inherently feel better and with that you will organically look better.



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